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Policies and Rules

Nightingale Studios has been providing great rehearsal studios for over 26 years.  Most of our customers are repeat customers, and many of our lock out folks have been here for many years.  We expect our guests to be respectful of the facility and the many musicians and artists that enjoy it.  Please respect these simple rules.....

Please note that the hourly studio rates are the cash price.  The booking site includes credit card and booking fees.

  • Operating hours are 12 noon to 12 midnight everyday.


  • We are closed on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve 6-12pm, Christmas Day, New Years Eve 6-12PM, New Years Day.


  • Hourly times must be booked on the hour, and represent the time you need in the studio including set up and tear down.  You may extend the time if it is available and it must be paid for up front.


  • Studio time MUST be paid for before entering the studio.

  • Studio time MUST be paid for before entering the studio.

  • yes, we know that was redundant!  Forgive our attempt at humor!


  • There is a 2 hour minimum booking..... EXCEPT 8PM to 10PM!!


  • The time slot of 8PM to 10PM may not be reserved!!!


  • The time slot of 8PM to 10PM may not be reserved!!!  It may, however, be booked after 3PM the day of.  This slot typically blocks off the rest of the night, so we try to prevent having only one band in a studio per night.  Thanks for understanding this concept.


  • Cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance for hourly studios.  We have to be strict on this.  You may make any changes on the booking site outside of 3-days.  Inside the 3-day window is considered a committed booking and will be charged.


  • A written 30-day notice is required to vacate any of the lockout studios.


  • Lockout customers are not allowed to park in the lot unless loading or unloading (10 minutes).


  • Absolutely no illegal drugs are allowed on the property.

  • Absolutely no pets allowed on the property.


  • Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.  NEVER inside the building.


  • Disrespect for our equipment will not be tolerated.  Do not drop our mics, be careful if you need to move around the amps or drums.  DO NOT over-tighten drum hardware, drum heads, or mic stands!  You will be responsible for any damage to the equipment.  Drummers!!.... please do not accidentally take our hi-hat clutches.


  • We have 24/7 video surveillance.  We also offer rewards to anyone who comes forward and reports vandalism, or blatant destruction of the facility, equipment, and fixtures.


  • Treat the staff with respect.  It can get very busy sometimes, and they are doing the best they can.  Cut them a break if things do not go perfect.  We'll make it up to you!

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