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This is our main shmidazzle!! (made up word!!)  Choose from Showcase Studios to affordable creative rehearsal spaces

Our Lockouts are in high demand.  You may have to wait a while until one opens up.  Try using our hourly rooms with storage!  You will be first on the waiting list.

Welcome to Nightingale Studios!

We are a full service rehearsal facility providing hourly and monthly studios equipped with only the best sound systems and back line equipment. Brand new (2017) DW / PDP drumsets with DW 5000 series hardware, Marshall and Peavey 5150 guitar amps, Hartke, Ampeg, and GK bass amps, keyboard rental, and a bunch of other cool stuff.  Our interesting and friendly staff is here to ensure you have a fun and productive rehearsal in a clean and safe environment. We've been in business for over 26 years and we understand the wide variety of needs that our customers have.
Just tell us what YOU need and we will give you the best options to attain your goals.

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